Clothing Brand Business Division

Chisage Apparel Group Co., Ltd., Ningbo Digital Intelligent Production Base, Huaian Chisage Industrial Co., Ltd.,Henan Chisage Garment Technology Co., Ltd., Ningbo Chisage Mushang Holdings Co., Ltd., atelierintimo, Shanghai Lingfu Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.

Chisage Apparel Group has been engaged the research and development, design, production and sales of high-end garments and materials since the establishment. It has two subsidiaries, Ningbo Chisage (U&K) interna - tional trading Co.,Ltd. and Shanghai Chisage (U&K) international trading Co.,Ltd. By cooperating with DECATHLON, FOX, MARMOT, Japan UNITED ARROWS, WORLD, ADASTRIA and other world renowned brands and enterprises, Chisage Apparel Group has constantly accumulated strong strength in the past two decades and has now owned a professional design team with international designers from Mainland China, Japan, France and other countries in the world. Products are including T-shirts, sportswear, casual wear and children's wear, which are exported to Japan, the United States ,the European Union and other thirty countries.


Ningbo Digital Intelligent Production Base,,Huai'an Chisage Industrial Co., Ltd. and Henan Chisage Garment Technology Co., Ltd. are the three key production bases of Chisage Apparel Group. After more than 20 years of technical improvement and man - agement upgrading, we insist on strict quality control, improving the technology and manufacturing level through the use of intelligent equip - ments, strategically provide customers with one-stop service, and win good reputation for the group. 

The unique advantages of Chisage Apparel Group also includes its large economic scale. Chisage has an annual output of 5 million pieces and an annual output value of 250 million yuan; Huaian Chisage has an annual output of 12 million pieces and an annual output value of 500 million yuan; According to the group's strategic plan, Henan Chisage has been established in 2021, and is target to be built a new intelligent garment production base. After completion, the annual output will be 12 million pieces and the annual output value will be 450 million yuan.


Ningbo Chisage Mushang Holding Co.,Ltd. is Chinese leading multi-brand fashion group driven under a new retail  maintenance model. Company covers three major brands "GXG" "gxg jeans" "MODE COMMUTER",The company applies integrated omni-channel business model. Integrated online and offline resources so that customers have better shopping experience.

TKY SHOP is a light luxury and minimalist high-end women's brand owned by Ningbo Chisage Dishang Brand Management Co., LTD. TKY comes from "Truly Keep Yourself" Loyal to yourself, you can have a unique beauty and strength; now there are more than 160 stores in the country."Softly but powerful" as a brand concept, showing women's confident and true dress sense. With comfortable, skin-friendly, technology, quality product fabrics, adhering to the simple, natural, exquisite design to provide women with quality life experience.

atelier intimo, a modem intimate apparel brand.Since 2014, atelier intimo has been producing underwearfor women based on superb handicraft.In 2020, it began making men's underwear, loungewear,swimwear, etc. that apply to a broad range of lifescenarios.Originating from China, atelier Intimo is a classic brandupholding both elegance and utility.The brand takes inspiration from Chinese elements inproduct design. Grace is show in every technical detailSo far, it has opened 12 stores in 9 cities includingShanghai, Hangzhou, Kunming, Ningbo,Xi'an, Shenzhen,Suzhou,Chengdu and Jinan.In May 2020, its first flagship store was duly inaugurated atNo.841 Middle Huaihai Road, Shanghai.

Shanghai Lingfu Medical Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on basic research and product development in the field of skin health. Companies adhering to the concept of "medical research and co-creation", together with dozens of dermatology experts, in order to develop effective products suitable for oriental people on three major areas: infants and children’s skin care, beauty, and prevention of dermatosis.Its maternal and infant care brand “Unbeso”provides products and nursing solutions for health problems such as skin eczema and red itching for infants. The safety and efficacy of the product have been deeply recognized by consumers.