Industrial Investment Business Division

As one of the key business segments of Chisage Group, Chisage Capital is mainly responsible for domestic and foreign investment, financial management, capital operation and other related work.Chisage Capital adheres to the concept of value investment, selects projects and invests precisely, and at the same time provides strong comprehensive resource support at various stages after investment, and grows together with start-ups.

Investment Projects30+
Investment scale20+

As one of the major business sections of Chisage Group, Chisage Capital is primarily engaged in investment both at home and abroad, assets management and capital operation. It has many investment platforms including Chisage Panshi Fund, Panhuo Innovative Industry government-leading Fund, Chisage E-business Fund, Yinying Fund, Suodao Fund and has built up strategic partnership with CITICPE and other top class institutions, forming a dimensional investment network. Chisage Investment upholds the concept of value investment; meanwhile it optimizes investment projects and acts preciously. Furthermore, it also supports venture enterprises with strong and comprehensive resources in post-investment period to help their development.


Investment Fields

The main investment orientation of Chisage Capital

In recent years,the investment stage of Chisage Capital has entered into the round A-C.

General Consumption

New Energy

New Materials

High-end Manufacturing

Industrial Technology


Selected Investment Cases