Bulk Commodity Business Division

Chisage Resource  Group Co., Ltd., Chisage Agricultural Products Co., Ltd., Chisage Energy And Chemical Co., Ltd., Chisage Metals And Materials Co.,Ltd.

Chisage Resource Group Co., Ltd. was established on January 19, 2017, is a bulk commodity trading platform under the Chisage Group engaged in wholesale and retail of agricultural products, energy & chemicals, metals and other bulk commodities and their products. 

Headquartered in Ningbo, Zhejiang, Chisage Resource has also set office spaces in Qingdao, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Vietnam and other places. Chisage Resource Group strictly complies with the trinity trading mode, which means featuring spot trading as the base, industry chain researching as the core and future goods or other financial derivatives as the risk management means, follows the service concept of customer-focused orientation and customer-targeted value, and steadily forges ahead to become a bulk commodity service provider and operator intensively functioned in industry chain.

Ningbo Chisage Resource Co., Ltd.

Chisage energy and Chemical Co., Ltd. was established on 2018. Its management team has many years of experience in bulk commodity industry. It has gradually developed from a traditional trader to a supply chain service provider and operator in the energy and chemical industry that connects the upstream and downstream industrial chains and integrates information research, spot channels and trading strategies.

The spot business of Chisage Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd. mainly covers the bulk universal plastic products including PP, PE, PVC, PS and ABS, bulk petroleum products related to fuel oil, diesel oil and pitch, and liquid chemicals related to arene, methyl alcohol, glycol and styrene. From the global perspective, build the full industrial chain research system, service trade deeply rooted in industrial chain, establish strategic partnership with numerous global Top 500 enterprises and industrial tycoons upstream and downstream, and provide downstream customers with comprehensive services covering information, logistics and supply chain finance. Based on the famous international harbor city Ningbo, our scope of business of bulk commodities spreads to main consumption areas on the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta. In future, following the rising energy and chemical industry of China, we will open up the international market steadily. We' re determined to be the bulk commodities operator with global influence.

Chisage Agricultural Products Co.,Ltd. is the first subsidiary of Chisage Resource Group Co.,Ltd. The company was established on March, 2018 , Main natural rubber, synthetic rubber, cotton textiles, pulp, oils & oilseeds, grain, fresh produce. In line with the thinking of the parent company's specialized management of bulk commodities.Based on solid industrial chain research and spot trade, the Company is persistent in the development path of commercial and financial integration. By properly adopting financial derivatives such as futures and options to manage the spot risk, the Company has realized future-spot arbitrage, calendar spread arbitrage, cross market airbitrage and hedge, and other diversified portfolio profit models, thus greatly strengthened its ability to hedge risks.


Chisage Metals and Materials Co., Ltd. mainly engages in iron ore, rolled steel, coking coal, coke, glass, soda ash, nonferrous metal, ferroalloy, etc., plows into industrial channels by focusing on research on the whole industrial chain, and flexibly applies financial derivatives to realize inventory supply chain services.

In 2021, on the basis of continuing to optimize the existing business, we started to expand the volume of iron ore, develop new varieties of non-ferrous metals and coal, and layout the business of the whole metal industry chain.