Future Community Operations Division

Zhejiang Tianzhe Future Digital Industry Development Co., Zhejiang Zhongzhe Future Industry City, Ningbo Da Xiang Cleaning Service Co.

Zhejiang Tianzhe Future Digital Industry Development Co., Ltd. is committed to the overall construction and operation of the future community, with innovative models such as platform + operation and platform + housekeeper, providing top-level design digital construction and intelligent operation services for the government and enterprises through a large digital base, n open applications, nine scenarios and three ends to create a new life, new services and new models to meet the needs of future life.


Zhejiang Zhongzhe Future Industrial City is a park operation company of Zhongzhe Group, which is now building a fashionable and characteristic integrated project around the group's assets, such as youth ideal community, intelligent factory, creator space, youth apartment and creative block. Zhejiang Zhongzhe Future Industrial City takes "create and enjoy ecological future, serve youth industrial city" as its vision and focuses on the future technological and digital development of the park. Focusing on the high-tech and fashion genes of Zhongzhe, through industrial services and operations, it constantly realizes the renewal and iteration of "production" and "park", and opens up a double cycle of resources of Zhongzhe Group and Zhongzhe Industrial City. Now we have built 8 projects, including Zhongzhe Science and Technology Park, Zhongzhe Urban Industrial Park, Zhongzhe Smart Industrial Park, Zhongzhe Youth Creation Workshop and Zhongzhe Headquarters Economic Building.


Ningbo Elephant Laundry is a green and high-end laundry brand of Zhongzhe Group. Born in 2000, it has a modern central factory covering an area of more than 5,000 square meters with a total investment of more than 40 million yuan, equipped with the world's leading new washing and ironing equipment and professional management standards. The business covers four major segments: high-end retail garments, luxury care, high-end cloths and group uniforms. There are more than 50 offline stores for retail garments, and the online business has reached strategic cooperation with Shunfeng and Jingdong, with rapid development momentum. The market share of high-end cloth and group uniforms is over 90%. The brand adheres to the brand concept of "elephant, know more about life", providing users with a one-stop diversified clean experience.