City Services Business Division

Ningbo Chisage Data Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Chisage Future Industrial Park Operation Co., Ltd., Ningbo Daxiang Laundry Service Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Chisage Data Technology Co., Ltd. is a company committed to digital construction and operation, mainl engaged in digital construction and operation of future communities, smart city services, government digital reform city digital services and other city service operations, the company uses the "platform + operation" model, from the "construction, management, operation" and other processes. Provide comprehensive, intensive and intelligent services to the public, enterprises and governments to make up for the shortcomings of professionals, scientific planning, management capabilities and operational experience in the process of digital transformation.

Zhejiang Chisage Future Industrial Park Operation Co., Ltd. is a park operation company subordinate to Chisage Holding Group. Based on the group' s assets, it' s now creating a modern complex consisting of an ideal community for young people, factory buildings, office buildings, youth apartment and creative blocks. Zhejiang Chisage Future Industrial Park Operation Co., Ltd. vision is to "create an ecological future, serve young people and industry". It lays emphasis on the future technological and digital development of parks. Depending on the high technology and modern gene of Chisage, through industrial service and operation, the company constantly updates and iterates industries and parks, circulating resources between Chisage Holding Group and Chisage Future Park. So far, it has created 8 projects, including U&K Building, Chisage Science Park, Chisage Urban Industrial Park, Chisage Wisdom Industrial Park, Chisage Fashion Youth Creative Factory, Chisage Group Mansion, etc.


Daxiang Laundry is a green and environmentally friendly high-end washing brand of Chisage Holding Group,was established in 2000. It has a modern central factory of about 5000 square meters with a total investment of more than 40 million yuan, equipped with a variety of world's leading washing equipment and professional administrative  standards. The business covers retail guest clothes, luxury fine care, high-end linen, group uniforms. For now, there are more than 50 boutique stores, and the online business is booming recently through cooperation among the  well-known logistics companies. The fabric washing section has exceeded 90% of the market share in Ningbo region of high-end hotel linen and group uniforms. Adhering to the brand service concept of "Daxiang, understanding life better", We are dedicated to providing our clients for diversified and one-stop service.